Week 3 Already?

Hi Everybody

The weekend went really quickly. At home with Ed as Bev was working. We learnt how to make cider and red wine.

Interesting if we could have some.

Got a bit bored so went to find something to play with….

Monday 24th February

Bev left us this morning after our playtime to go to work…back at lunchtime…I was really hungry. So the usual play, eat and sleep for the rest of the day.

We dug a hole in the garden after it had been raining and oops I got dirty 

Tuesday 25th February

Up at 5.00am with Ed..he’s going away on business so early breakfast and back to sleep until a decent hour .

Bevs day off and it was a lovely dry and sunny day so outside we go out to play

Who will attack first?

We wanted to play indoors but Bev was trying to do the ironing, everything was going everywhere, we got sent outside again. Then Ayla wouldn’t play fairly.

I got the stick first...look at those teeth hanging onto it

Had a quiet evening, Emma called in for a play then we really needed a sleep 

Such a busy day..can't keep up

mmm Look what I found

He shouldn’t leave them around for me.

I sat in the hole and got dirty

Little good one, all clean

Had to get up so early this morning..

Looks like Teddie did

She’s a really bad loser 


Wednesday 26th February

I slept too early last night so I was awake at 5.30am. Shouted upstairs, I knew Ed wasn’t there so had to get Bev up. I couldn’t wait any longer, really need to go outside. So another early breakfast and back to sleep. The next thing I knew Bev had been to work and was back dishing up lunch. Spent the rest of the day hunting for sticks…by the time Ed came home we had quite a nice selection to show him.

Thursday 27th February

Hey another day with sunshine. Ayla was posing on the sun table. She really teases me because I can’t reach, not yet, just wait another few weeks.

We were outside and all this white hard, round stuff came out of the sky, the ground was slippery and wet…hailstones they called it..didn’t like that as well as the thunder so in we go for a quiet evening of paper tearing, destuffing what toys we could find and we still got a treat at the end of the day. 

One for me too?

She knows I can't get up there yet

Time for a treat

Next time I will tell you about my first shower and my second visit to the vet.


Ayla’s Turn

Hello it’s me, Ayla,this week 

It’s been a busy week with lots of outdoor activity so I will just give you a summary by pictures.

Can Ayla still see me?

So tired after playing with that new puppy

Mmm these yellow things look tasty

What's in here then?​

​My time... for 5 minutes

As you will see Teddie is growing by the day and I have to say becoming more demanding with his playtime. I’m five years old and have been used to quite a lot of sleeping time when my old mate Murphy was around. This pup has a completely different idea of what the day should be like. Play, play and more play….

I don't think this is our bath after all...only humans going in​

A sunshine day!​

Spring is on it' way! hooray!

See you all next Week

Week 2 or is it Year 2?

Hello to Friday 7th February

I had a lovely sleep last night….woke up early so shouted up the stairs to the others that it’s time to get up and,  more importantly get my breakfast, I’ve woken hungry, must have been a busy night dreaming.

We had a visitor today….a lady called Grace, she’s the hairdresser who comes to the house to ‘do’ their hair…but not today…she came just to see me! Or so I thought but Ayla got all the attention when she walked in the door. So what about me? A lovely blonde puppy and I have to wait.

Then it was my turn and guess what she brought treats!  We all had a play and Ayla showed off again doing her 2 minute sprint around the garden, landing on the mat in the kitchen. I had a go at chasing but still can’t keep up so I thought I would block the doorway so she can’t get in, wasn’t a good idea she just wizzed past and off again.

The next excitement of the day…..I was taken down the high street in Eds arms, because I can’t get down yet, to meet a few people. I saw Anne in the newsagents…a bit frightened because she said she could eat me….then called into Norris gift shop to see Paula, while we were there Maurice called in to say hello, and off to Abbey Stores to see Margie


Back home for tea and playtime with my little friend…I can call her that now because I am bigger!

So tired I needed a relaxed sleep SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Saturday 8th February

Lovely breakfast and play then Bev’s off to work leaving us with Ed all day…quite a day. Two men came with a big package and we got shut indoors to stay out of the way….they put a big bath in the garden…maybe that’s for me!

Now the men have gone we can play in and outdoors with the door open. I was busy exploring the flower beds  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

when I realised Ayla had gone in so I went to find her…no! the door is shut.

Nobody came to find me for what seemed like ages, probably a few minutes, Ed called me in. The wind had closed the door.  I let him know I wasn’t happy. He got a lot of verbal abuse that day. Hey but then it was lunchtime and a little sleep. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA



Sunday 9th February

I got a lot of praise this morning…I hadn’t weed, or worse, on the newspaper all night.

It’s a nice day today so lots of playtime outside. Ed is making a step so I can get into that big bath. I’m sure I won’t need it soon because my legs are getting longer, like my ears.

Guess what I found today? My tail! I can turn round and bite my own tail so I don’t have to pull Aylas all the time. It’s great fun I can go round and round with my tail in my mouth and then I fall over.

I was woken this afternoon by lovely smells coming from the garden…Ed is cooking outside? My tea didn’t smell as nice as that but I ate it anyway.

I was feeling a bit chilly this evening so while they sat down to eat I curled up with the radiator for a while.


Ed took Ayla out for her walk. He never takes me….Bev and I played at tearing up the newspapers, well I did by myself really. Great fun and lots of mess.

It all gets a bit busy with play and sleep SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA


Monday 10th February

I was up really early this morning. Ed gave me breakfast then went off in the garden to have a bath? There was steam coming out and it made a rumbling noise. Perhaps I don’t want to get in there afterall.

Bev goes off to work…leaving us home alone. We played and slept most of the day.

Emma came to visit but I had just finished my dinner so I wasn’t very good company…sleepy puppy. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA


Tuesday 11th February

Up early again (6.00am) and Ed is in that outdoor bath thing…I decide to go back into my bed until a reasonable hour.

Bevs day off so we make the most of getting under her feet. Had a game when  she was trying to sweep the floors…then the same with the hoover although that was really noisy.

Ayla ran upstairs out of the way. I tried to follow but I could only get to the fourth stair SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

She really teased me because I couldn’t make it to the top SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m getting so distracted this week I keep forgetting my name when it’s called. I just get busy busy with exploring I don’t hear properly. Bev seems to think I have got something called selective hearing – I really don’t understand.

So another active day, Ayla and I snuggled up for a nap.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA


Wednesday 12th February

Well the usual morning, didn’t feel like going out to play in the rain my feet get cold and wet.

Ayla and I played indoors until Bev went to work. When they came home    I showed them how I could get up the stairs, it was a struggle  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA not sure if I’m supposed too but then I had to get down again which was really tricky, a couple of somersaults and I was there at the bottom.

By this time with all the excitement I feel too tired to eat so have to sit down for my dinnerSAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA then a sleep until supper time.


Thursday 13th February

Hey.. Bevs day off…Emma came for lunch. Ayla and I showed her how well we play together. I’m getting quite chunky now so I can easily pin Ayla to the ground but she’s a slippery thing and slides out quickly and gets me by the ears. But it’s all good fun.

I’ve learnt something else today…if I woof at the back door I’m allowed to go out and play. I think I’m supposed to do other things while I’m there. I’ll have to concentrate on that one.

There have been lots of pictures of me so I would like to show one of my new best friend Ayla SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA


See you next time!!

Week 1 in Beaulieu

30 January 2014 – Today I am being taken away from my mum and brothers and sisters. I’ve been strapped in a car with Bev to make my journey.

I’ve arrived safely, after a little car sickness, to a house with a little scruffy dog, about my size, called Ayla. I’m put down to “make friends”, first impression…a bit of a showoff running around the garden at speed knowing I have no means of keeping up.


So we come inside and have a nose and tail greeting…I’m so tired I need a sleep.

After evening dinner I tried to get to know Ayla a little better but she wasn’t interested..I think she was hoping I would go back from where I came.

Some   nice people, Emma and Mark, came to visit and a very strange boy, called Joey, laid down in front of me and let me lick his hair.

So now bedtime…they’ve locked me in a crate with my bed and toy, all by myself. I really don’t like it and made my feelings known by screaming, loudly. It worked and I was let out to sleep on my bed on the floor.


31st January 2014 – Up at 6.30 for breakfast and yes Ayla, I am still here so let’s try and get on. She’s being polite but not exactly playful……as the day went on it seemed to get better. Went out to explore the garden and found all sorts of twigs to play with. Ayla was keeping a distant eye on me. Slept well, out of my crate and tucked up with my toys…all the others are somewhere upstairs.

February 1st -2014

Bev goes to work after giving me breakfast and a playtime. Ayla is joining in now. I’m at home with Ed who spent most of the day outside building a decking so lots of pieces of wood to steal and play with. A busy day finished and off to bed.

February 2nd 2014

It hasn’t stopped raining since I arrived  so wet and muddy paws everytime I need to go out to do my business, but there’s always a warm towel to dry me off when I come back in. Playing really well with Ayla now. The only problem is that she is so fast and I keep falling over trying to keep up, little does she realise my legs are growing quickly.

February 3rd 2014

Monday morning – breakfast and play then Bev goes to work and leaves us alone. We were told to be good and she wouldn’t be long. She was right, back before I knew it and it was lunchtime! I wanted to see what Ayla was having but she wouldn’t share and growled at me so I sulked for a while until she came for a play. That’s what we did for the rest of the day.

February 4th 2014

Oh NO! Back into that car, we are going to see Bob, the vet. First he took my photo then looked at me in every place, stuck a needle in my neck then expected me to play. I wanted to go home for my tea. So he played his trump card and gave me a treat…not so bad after all.

February 5th 2014

Hey, present time. I got a new bed, a little small but cosy. Didn’t like where it was put so moved it around to a nicer spot.


Had a really good play with Ayla today  managed to grab her tail by surprise, also pinned her down, my size is now coming in useful. To get her own back she pulls at my ears.


We’ve started to snuggle up together after playtime, it’s very tiring.


Now I have a nice bed for nightime with classic fm to listen too.

February 6th 2014

A very nice lady called Diane came to visit. She brought a bag of goodies including a toy. Ayla got it first and wouldn’t let me have it until she had made it safe for me by taking out the squeak and stuffing. Not much of a toy left for me to play with.

So, it’s been a week since I arrived and everything is getting better by the day. I’m trying to be good, going out when I need too but there’s always that little wee that comes with excitement, just can’t help it sometimes. I sit nicely for my treats and meals, sometimes even give a paw, and I haven’t chewed anything yet….mmm not yet.